Sailor 6000 GMDSS Console

Communication Systems

Where communication onboard vessels in the early days were made via radio operators and morse code, nowadays this all has changed after the introduction of the Global Marine Distress Safety System (GMDSS). 

Identification of vessel navigational status and destination is now all automatically done via so called Automatic Identification System (AIS) which broadcasts vessel specific parameters on fixed frequencies. 

Communication with fleet operation and head office became easier after introduction of satellite communication system like Inmarsat, V-SAT and Iridium which made it possible to make phone calls, send and receive emails and even offering internet access for latest weather information. 

AMTS offers a wide range of communication systems like mandatory GMDSS radio equipment including Fire Fighter radios according to latest IMO regulations and any form of satellite communication such as Inmarsat, Iridium, auto tracking V-SAT systems up to the latest technology with automatic beam steering for LEO/MEO satellites with unlimited data eventually combined with Voice over IP plans against competitive rates, while truly global coverage can be offered via Iridium services via a small fixed antenna for bandwidths up to 1.4Mbps.

Not only external communication is crucial onboard also internal communication via public addressing or portable radio communication with fixed frequencies or digital radio for larger vessels or workgroups with the option of integration into ships equipment like Alarm and Monitoring Systems or Fire detection system to warn designated persons in charge in case a situation occurs which needs immediate attention.

Intellian v45c antenna

Internet Onboard

Where nearshore communication via GSM cell towers and satellite communication at sea can be used for maintaining contact with ship management or fleet operators it is also a perfect solution for remote monitoring of systems onboard including remote diagnostics to avoid service visits onboard by a technician. 

Crew welfare is also playing an important role as access to social networks, entertainment and internet access without limitations is mostly a requirement for crew to stay onboard, AMTS is able to fulfill these requirements by offering custom made solutions. 

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