Heading Sensors

A Gyrocompass or heading reference sensor plays a crucial role onboard a vessel, not only to indicate the current direction but also to maintain course when connected to autopilot and radar systems, especially models equipped with so called Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), will benefit from stable, True-North referenced data.

There are a lot of varieties of gyrocompasses in existence, models which contain a spinning element, while other models are fully electronic without any moving part like the latest technology, Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) or High Resonance Gyro (HRG).

AMTS offers the latest IMO or NON IMO approved gyrocompasses of brands which are well established and proven to be virtually maintenance free, with brands like Alphatron Minicourse, Raytheon Anschutz, Simrad and IX Blue.

Whether it will be a new installation or retrofit, a single gyro or a more complex inter-switchable system, AMTS will keep you on track.  

Where traditional GPS receivers make use of one antenna where direction is only calculated when the vessel is making speed thru the water, a GPS compass is calculating direction via 2 or even 3 connected antennas which (even in case the vessel is not making speed) calculates heading by determining the time difference in between reception of different GPS signals.

In situations where a gyrocompass simply don´t fit onboard due to space limitations or heavy pitch roll and heave of the vessel (mostly smaller non-IMO vessels) a compact sized GPS compass is the ideal companion onboard.

Some models are IMO type approved and may be used as back-up heading device.

Contact us if you are considering a GPS compass, we do have a solution for any kind of vessel.  

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