Specialized vessels like hydrographical, survey, dredging and offshore vessels including walk to work vessels and so called lift boats are mostly in the need of highly accurate and precise positioning systems.

AMTS does have the inhouse expertise to provide a tailor made solution, whether it will be a very precise GNSS positioning system or a more advanced Inertial Measurement Unit for survey projects providing all physical movement detections of the vessel, including measurement of pitch, roll, heave, sway and surge.

Vessels equipped with Dynamic Positioning system will benefit of less movements of the vessel resulting in lower fuel costs and less engine maintenance, while survey vessels with multibeam sonar can benefit of improved measurements of bottom profiling and interpretation of collected data with an advanced IMU system.

With many years of experience with RTK / PPP positioning systems and working together with known correction providers like Fugro, Veripos, Trimble, Novatel , Hemisphere and C-NAV we are able to offer a complete solution which perfectly fits your project.  

In case of a temporary project or DP trials without ships survey GNSS system a rental solution will become the ultimate solution.

We do offer rental GNSS equipment for short or even longer period of time against an interesting rate.

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Rig positioning software 

With special designed software AMTS brings advanced platform positioning software to the maritime market.

A comprehensive software package for marine and waterway construction tasks that require precise positioning with high accuracy. 

Specially designed for rig/ platform/ FPSO/ barge and anchor handling where the vessels position can be seen at target location and use a so called “bullseye” display for precise guidance where a “bubble” indicator can be used for inclination guidance during levelling of a platform, a feature which is very useful onboard jack-up barges. 

The possibility for moving vessels to make use of a secure data-link to exchange information provides a even more precise accuracy, Position, Depth, Heave, Meteorological data and even tidal information is displayed in a user friendly GUI. 

Dredgers can make use of other built-in features like precise depth readings when connecting to survey echosounders and draw custom made channel shapes. 

Dynamic Positioning System

Where most of the DP manufacturers only provide standard features with limited expansion into other systems, our DP system is going a few steps further and offers a more than complete system based on advanced control algorithms which will reduce propeller request, noise and vibration. 

Our DP systems are designed to reduce numbers of equipment onboard, marinized computers will take care of years of error-free operation in the most harsh environments. 

A operator panel with 3 axis joystick for easy control of the vessel, besides a touchscreen operation makes it for a DP operator an easy task to operate the DP system. 

For large (exploration-) yachts and ferries special applications can be implemented like integration with (zero-speed) stabilizer system, shadow mode, docking assist mode, wireless remote control (with integrated 4.3” color LCD), ice-mode and many more. 

Interfacing with any thruster and propulsion configuration like CPP, Voith Schneider (VSP), azimuth thruster or fixed tunnel thruster. 

Optional functions like integration with PMS for power load monitoring and prevention of black-outs, autopilot, remote control and application via tablet and Iphone can be integrated in order to create a complete vessel control system. 

The autopilot function itself is so called self-learning (adaptive) which means that all ships characteristics and behavior will be collected by the autopilot and used for smooth course steering with less steer corrections. 

After integration with onboard ECDIS system following active route or waypoint will be fully automatic.
Together with other sensors like high accuracy GNSS positioning, Fiber-Optic Gyrocompass and Motion Reference Unit a unparalleled and unbeaten Dynamic Positioning system with high maneuverability and precise accuracy will be created. 

Various DP and steering modes are available as standard or optional depending on type of vessel.
Our DP systems can be used onboard a wide range of vessels like: 

  • Walk-to-Work Vessels 
  • Cable laying (with cable tension measurement) 
  • Crane vessels 
  • Dive support vessels 
  • Dredgers 
  • Drill ships
  • Buoy-lay vessels
  • Workboats / Windfarm vessels
  • Oceanographic vessels
  • Research vessels 
  • Navy vessels / mine sweepers
  • Polar expedition vessels eventually with ice-mode parameters
  • Ice breakers (ice mode)
  • Self propelled and elevating Jack-up barges/ lift boats.
  • Mega-Yachts including zero speed stabilizer integration.

Do you have a new build or retrofit project and are you looking for a Dynamic Positioning system?
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